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April 4, 2024

Newsletters - April May issue of the Petticoat Journal



2023-2024 Dues Information

  Not sure where to send your payments for IC, State, District, Individual or ESA  Foundation Dues? 

click HERE

If you have questions about dues, contact

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Petticoat Journal

The February/March issue of the Petticoat Journal is available to view/download on the Newsletters page.  To access, click on the Newsletters link on the left-side of this page.

Print subscriptions are $30 annually.  Click HERE for 2023-2024 order form.


The deadline for articles for the April/May issue is March 15, 2024.

Have a question about the PJ?  Contact PJ Editor Gwynn Nell Swanson at: pjeditor@oklaesa.org






"The Journey -

Oh, The Places We Will Go"



Formed in 1943, the Oklahoma State Council is comprised of 45 local chapters from around the state.  The council acts as a liaison between our international organization, Epsilon Sigma Alpha ESA), and the local chapters.  The council holds meetings for the membership several times a year.  The meetings include a Leadership Seminar and an Annual State convention.  The programs presented at these meetings provide information to the members that will enhance their experience in ESA.


To find out about chapters in Oklahoma contact:


Membership Chairman


About Epsilon Sigma Alpha


An association of women that provides leadership training, educational programs and community service.  Through a network of 1,200 local chapters in the U.S. and abroad, an ESA member has the opportunity to form life-long friendships and share the power to make a difference.  That difference is felt close to home and in far-reaching ways by participation in community service and major philanthropic projects.


For more information, check out:


Epsilon Sigma Alpha's web site


Check your ESA email account HERE






Contact the Webmaster: webmaster@oklaesa.org    


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